Halloween iPhone prank (english)

Halloween iPhone Prank

Oh yeah… It’s the time of the year when you’re allowed to scare everyone to death, because today it’s HALLOWEEN! The Dutch hardly celebrate this annual festival, so now’s the perfect chance to really scare somebody. And because nobody expects to be scared, we give you the best opportunity really scare your colleague, friend, mother or father or even your boss. We introduce our new Halloween iPhone Prank, and best yet: it’s completely free!

How does it work?

Imagine your most irritating work colleague. The one who’s always first with his jokes and is (usually) just too smart to get back at. Imagine that this colleague is taking a cup of coffee on October the 31st. This is your chance! Now, you should take his iPhone and surf directly to  www.phonehouse.nl/halloween.

Start the iPhone Prank by indicating a time and put the phone back where it was before . Your colleague returns, suspecting nothing at all, and his telephone starts ringing. Your colleague acts surprised. It is his phone ringing by an unknown caller with an unknown ringtone.. Who could it be? Could it be the pretty girl he met last night at the bar? But then, right in the middle of his most beautiful fantasy, all of a sudden a tremendously scary woman appears on the screen and starts screaming!! Aaaarrrgggghhhhh… your colleague is scared of one’s wits! Now it’s your time to laugh! Prank succeeded.

To make the most out of this prank we would like to share some tips. Just to make sure the prank will result into a successful scare-to-death tactic.

Tips and tricks:

  • Make sure the volume of the iPhone is put to the maximum level.
  • Many of us have locked their iPhone with a code. Do not let this stop you. Politely ask your colleague if you can use his phone, because you want to check something. Or tell them you’ve changed some settings on yours and want to compare these to his or her phone. Maybe you can just ask for his or her unlock code and start the prank later that day.
  • Take the 30 seconds into account when you’re starting the prank, so try to time it wisely. If you see him or her coming back, start the prank and put the phone back. This way you’ll be sure the 30 seconds are enough.
  • Extra fun: Start the prank when you’re in the middle of a tedious meeting, or start it when you’re in the most boring lecture, or when your mother is just putting the Brussels sprouts on the stove. The more unexpected, the better the prank!

Of course we are very curious how your prank turned out to be, or who you’ve pranked. Let us know in the comments below and/or share your pranking pictures. And please, do not forget to share when your colleague passed out. But most of all: we wish you a lot of pranking pleasure!

Go scare those bastards 😉 Muwhahaha…



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